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Our Staff

RCP has a fully qualified and loving staff
Connie McCamey


Connie has been at RCP sense the beginning. She has 15 + years of experience working in early childhood education. What she loves most about teaching preschool is watching the children grow and blossom and telling them about Jesus. 

Lisa Abbott

Bullfrog Class Teacher

Lisa has worked at RCP sense August 2018. She has been learning with children for over 35 years. 

Her favorite things about teaching is seeing a child's face light up when they  "get it."  

Jaime Justice


Jaime has 10 years of experience teaching preschool. She has worked at RCP off and on for 3 years. Her favorite thing about teaching is forming a bond with children and their families.

Melisa Ramirez

Tadpole Teacher

Melisa has been at RCP for over 3 years. She is currently taking classes at Columbia College and is now a qualified teacher.  Her favorite thing about working with children enjoying their unique and delightful personalities. 

Ann Plusko

Tadpole Teacher  

Ann is our newest teacher and serves children with kindness and a sweet smile. 

At RCP since October 2019

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